Our Vision

The FCMA strives to be recognized as a respected professional organization that provides support and promotes the joined interests of its members. Through its fundraising efforts, its members have been able to successfully execute multiple medical missions in the Philippines to provide quality care to impoverished communities.

Furthermore, Filipinos are the third largest foreign-born group in Canada, with the majority living in Ontario and mainly in the Greater Toronto Area (1). In spite of this, Filipino doctors are significantly under-represented compared to other ethnicities in medicine because of a significantly smaller proportion of Filipino students choosing this career (2).

By working with other devoted student groups, the FCMA hopes to inspire interested students to pursue a career in medicine in order to advocate for improved representation in our medical community.


1) Source: 2016 Census, Statistics Canada 2017

2) Slade et al. 2012. The Growing Cohort of Medical Students in Canada: Who are they and what career choices are they making?