The Filipino Canadian Medical Association’s vision is to provide a forum for physicians to meet, share their values, develop their goals, and impart their wisdom onto the younger generation.

However, research has demonstrated a lack of representation of Filipino students in Canadian medical schools, despite a strong Filipino presence in other sectors of healthcare, particularly nursing. This disparity has led to a call for further inquisition and greater representation for Filipinos in medicine by the Filipino Association for Medical Students (FAMS), an organization within the University of Toronto’s Medical Society. Thus, over the past year, the FCMA has partnered with the FAMS to provide access to resources such as mentorship, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities. 

An article written by University of Toronto medical students Gian Agtarap and Braydon Francis further delves into this disparity, and what steps are being taken to resolve it:

As the FCMA continues to move forward in our goals of strengthening the Filipino-Canadian medical community, we hope that you join us in supporting these bright and aspiring physicians.